Why Switch From Infinity Bottles To Infinity Barrels?

As we cruise through the world of liquor geeks, especially in the arena of individuals with extensive in-house collections of whiskey, rum, or brandy, the term infinity bottle is something that you will run into sooner or later. The infinity bottles are homemade liquor blends that represent the history of the liquors the individuals have tasted and enjoyed over the years. However, the infinity of small oak barrels is a concept that has been borrowed from the idea of Solera systems by which whiskey, brandy, rum, sherry, and wine are occasionally aged. 

What Makes Barrel-Aged Alcohol Better Than Bottle-Aged Alcohol?

In the process of making infinity barrels, the barrels are traditionally stacked into a triangular or pyramid-like shape, with new distilled or fermented wine entering into the top barrel and the older spirits occupying the lower half of the barrel. The spirits are then allowed to age, occasionally bottling the spirit from the lower portion of the oak whiskey barrel. While doing so, the barrels are never fully emptied as the amount of spirit taken out is always replaced with a new spirit, trickling down the system over the years. 

This system of aging alcohol is termed infinity because the barrel is never fully emptied, and some spirits always exist in the ever-evolving blend. The same theory applies to aging alcohol in the infinity bottles, where small amounts of alcohol are added from different bottles and well mixed. The blend’s complexity is intended to increase over time, enhancing the flavor of the spirits.


Benefits Of Using Infinity Barrel For Aging Alcohol

You can create your home version of fractional blending spirits by using infinity barrels where every sip of the blend is replenished with new spirits creating a unique blend where you decide what goes in it. Some of the perks of using infinity barrels are listed below.

  • Small oak barrels are used to make cocktails such as old fashions, Negronis, and Manhattans.
  • Secondly, one can take an already aged spirit like a rum, whiskey, bourbon, or tequila and make it ten times better in a matter of weeks.
  • Moreover, when you make your moonshine or clear distillate, our barrels will mellow and take the harness away.
  • The premium casks or barrels will last for decades to come making them ideal for starting your own infinity-aged legacy line of small-batch whiskey, tequila, rum, or even premixed cocktails. Our premium barrels are sealed in beeswax at the head joints, ensuring them a superior seal.
  • Each barrel is handmade in small batches taking into consideration exact measurements, wood color, density, and burnability that varies from barrel to barrel.

How Are Barrels Prepared For The Best Alcohol Experiences?

We at Urban Barrel ensure that our clients have a better spirit/cocktail experience from home using our oak aging barrels. All of our barrels are made of 100% American white oak. American oak is known for its beautiful flavors, such as caramel, vanilla, creme rule, tannins, and of course, the delicious oak flavor. 

We char the inside of the barrel to break down the molecules of the wood, releasing all those flavors. Because of the surface-to-volume ratio, the process of alcohol aging speeds up. More liquid-to-wood contact allows us to get a year’s worth of aging from our 1-liter barrel in a month. Accelerated or speed aging enriches the taste and flavor of the barrel-aged boulevardier. All alcohol starts the same way as a clear distillate, like vodka, rum, bourbon, whiskey, cognac, or moonshine. What gives it the flavor and color is the barrels. It’s 70% the barrel and 30% the ingredients.

Taste The Best Of Barrel-aged Wine!

The tradition of keeping infinity bottles is well-known to alcohol lovers worldwide. We at Urban Barrel are honoring the tradition of Infinity bottles in our own way by introducing the infinity barrels. These small oak barrels can be significant to anyone from spirit lovers to cocktail enthusiasts, restaurants, bars, and distilleries. We offer barrels that can also be customized as gifted on occasions of fathers’ days, birthdays, and Christmas. Contact us today to order a barrel for the love of blending.

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