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How To Recycle Used Whiskey Oak Barrels Into Harvesters?

Small oak barrels for aging whiskey are made of high-quality oak and are built to last for decades. Thus, making them an excellent material for recycling and repurposing. When a whiskey barrel reaches the end of its life as a storage vessel, it can be transformed into various useful and decorative items that include rainwater harvesting. Many beautiful projects can be completed with simple tools and materials, making it easy and affordable to repurpose your used whiskey barrels.

Ways To Reuse Your Whiskey Barrels Into Rainwater Harvesters

We all know old barrels are ageless, or we can say the barrel is immortal. Reusing these barrels can help reduce waste, conserve resources, and create unique and functional items for your home and garden. Let’s discuss all the amazing ways you can reuse your small oak barrels for aging whiskey into new beautiful & useful barrels.

1. Rain Barrels

Small oak barrels can be used as rain barrels. First, you need to clean the oak barrel thoroughly to remove any residual whiskey and prevent any rainwater contamination. Drill a hole near the top of the barrel for the downspout. Furthermore, attach a mesh screen to the hole to prevent debris from entering the barrel. Install a spigot near the bottom of the barrel. Place the barrel on a flat, stable surface and connect the downspout to the hole in the top of the barrel.

2. Raised Garden Bed

Old barrels can be used as a raised garden bed. First, you need to clean the small oak barrel thoroughly and remove the metal bands around the circumference. Then you need to cut the barrel in half lengthwise. Furthermore, put the halves on their sides & fill them with compost, plants, and compost. Lastly, you can also line the inside of the barrel with a weed barrier to prevent the soil from spilling out.

3. Planter For Your Homes & Gardens

To turn a used Small oak barrel for aging whiskey into a planter, you need to clean the barrel thoroughly. Then, drill holes in the bottom for proper drainage. Moving forward, fill the barrel with soil and add plants of your choice. Lastly, decorate the barrel’s exterior to match your style and aesthetic.

4. Fountains

You can use urban barrel company to recreate it into a beautiful fountain. After cleaning the barrel thoroughly, cut the barrel in half and place the two halves back-to-back, creating a basin. Therefore, drill holes in the side of the barrel for the water to flow out. Install a submersible pump in the basin of the barrel. Then connect a hose from the pump to the holes in the side of the barrel. Lastly, fill the basin with water and adjust the water flow using the pump.

5. Fire Pits

Turn your old whiskey barrels into aesthetic fire pits. After cleaning the barrel, cut it in half. Then, place some stones or metals around the inside of the barrel. Moreover, placing the barrel halves on their sides creates a fire pit. And lastly, Light a fire in the pit and enjoy quality time.

Recreate Some Beautiful Harvesters From Your Old Barrels

Still, wondering where to find your perfect old rustic barrels for your harvesting projects? Don’t worry! We have everything you are looking for in your dream garden. If you also love your aged alcohol but don’t do what to do after that. Our old whiskey barrels can be used not only for aging your alcohol but also for beautiful harvesting things you always wanted for your homes and gardens. Contact us today and order your favourite urban barrel to add an extra touch to your home.

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