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How Are Whiskey Barrel Chunks Best As Grill And Smoker Accessories?

Who won’t love BBQ with some good music and excellent drinks to make the twilight unique? Everybody does! The essence of exotic barbeque and grilled items get doubled up when they smoke on the burning whiskey barrel chunks. If you use a gas or electric smoker or griller, wood chunks are good. But, if you want both flavours and a source to grill your barbeque items, the whiskey barrel chunks are the perfect options for your smoke accessories. These chunks are perfect as they burn longer and allow you to cook with ideal smoke and heat.

We all know that smoke is the heart of a barbeque. Your barbeque’s genuine and authentic taste comes from the blend of smoke and exotic flavours. Whiskey barrel chunks are a prize for the chefs and grillers to have food with better flavour essence. Additionally, you don’t have to soak the barrel chunks in water as you do with the wood chips. Thus, these chunks provide more extended cooking periods than wooden chips.

Well, there are plenty more benefits to grilling your barbeque on barrel chunks. Let’s check out some:

Benefits Of Cooking Barbeque On Barrel Chunks

As for the wood used for winemaking, oak is the most common wood that provides a softer flavour. The two best-known species are European white oak and American white oak. The significant difference between these two oak species is in their density. European oak tends to be denser (more spaced rings), which imparts fewer lactones and oak oxygen than American oak.


1. For Better Flavors
Even if you try with as many flavours and spices as you want to have that perfect authentic barbeque grill taste, only the barrel chunks can help you out. They are suitable as smoke accessories for your barbeque night as they cook your food with ideal smoke and heat. You will get guaranteed bold flavours of your delicious meats.

2. Convenient To Store 

The barrel chunks are uniform in shape and size, making them easy to store and avoid congested situations. The chunks are safe from moulds, bacteria, and pests as they are stored correctly. If the chunks come in contact with pests or moulds, your grilled food will be pretty bad in flavours and odour.

3. Kiln-Dried To Burn 

Another reason that the barrel chunks are one of the best smoke accessories is they are kiln-dried to burn. They burn more evenly, giving the proper amount of heat and smoke to your exotic barbeque food.

4. Your Food Stay Safe 

These whiskey barrel chunks are manufactured and sourced in food-safe facilities. Therefore, you no need to worry about the safety of your food. The cooking products and food are safe, tastier, and healthier when grilled on barrel chunks.

5. Come In Different Flavours 
You can choose your desired barrel chunks from the array of many with distinct flavours, such as chunks of cherry, maple, red oak, walnut, alder wood, and many more. Different flavours will give your food diverse tastes, flavour essences, and smoke.

Set Your Barbeque Night

Set Your Barbeque Night With Our Whiskey Barrel Chunks!

Many methods are there in the pipe to use barrel wood chunks to forge flavourful smoke when grilling or barbequing. Barrel chunks, being the prize of barbeque and grills, continue generating smoke even after the wooden chips have burned to ash. So, now you can enjoy the long hours of cooking and joyous moments with your friends and loved ones while having your perfect grilled meal. If you are looking for such BBQ accessories, coffee concentrates, and more, visit Urban Barrel today and shop your desired barbeque requirements!

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