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Barrels For Aging Boulevardiers

Barrel aging is where cocktails are stored in oak barrels to impart flavours, aromas, and other desirable characteristics. The choice of the barrel is a crucial factor in determining the final flavour of the Boulevardier. Moreover, various types of barrels can add different flavours, ranging from nutty and fruity to caramel and smoky. But here, the key is to select and know about the available barrels so you can taste the best barrel-aged Boulevardier. If you want to know what types of barrels there are, continue reading to explore!

Top Ideal Barrels For Aging Boulevardiers And Their Impact On Flavors

Exploring the different types of barrels and their impact on the flavour of a Boulevardier, a classic cocktail made with whiskey can help you create a truly unique and delicious barrel-aged Boulevardier. Let’s explore the type of barrels you can get from a barrel company to relish the taste of rich-flavoured wine and whiskey!

  • Whiskey Barrels

Whiskey barrels are a popular choice for aging Boulevardiers due to the intense flavours they impart. These barrels are made from charred oak and can add caramel, vanilla, and smokey notes to the Boulevardier, depending on the type of whiskey previously aged in the barrel. If the barrel was used to age bourbon, it could add a sweet, caramel flavour, while if it was used for scotch, it could impart a smoky or peaty flavour.

  • Brandy Barrels

Brandy barrels age brandies and can add nutty and fruity notes to the Boulevardier. Often, they are made from French oak and can contribute a subtle sweetness to the cocktail. Moreover, if you plan to have barrel-aged Boulevardier, they are a great choice and can add light and fruity flavour to your Boulevardier.

  • Wine Barrels

Wine barrels are a great option if you’re looking to add complex fruit and tannin flavours to your Boulevardier. But the type of wine previously aged in the barrel will impact the final flavour. Like, a barrel that held Cabernet Sauvignon can add dark fruit flavours; on the other hand, a barrel that held Pinot Noir can add more delicate fruit flavours. Lastly, these barrels are made from either French or American oak.

  • Oak Barrels

If you want to make barrel-aged Boulevardier with the taste of vanilla, spice, and woody flavours, oak barrels are perfect for you. Different types of oak can give different flavours; American oak offers a more robust flavour profile, while French oak is known for adding more subtle and nuanced flavours. So, oak barrels are a great option if you’re looking for a balanced and versatile flavour.

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