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Tips for Finding The Best Aging Barrel For You

At-home barrel aging has become extremely popular over the last ten years across Canada.

The process of creating new, unique flavours in such a simple way is incredibly appealing to people of all ages! Here at Urban Barrel, we’re here to help make this hobby easily accessible to Canadians at an affordable price point.

Choosing the Right Aging Barrel

Choosing the right aging barrel for your personal needs can be overwhelming. Especially if you don’t have the proper information to make an educated decision.

We have taken the time to highlight the most popular aging barrel options. As well, we showcase what sets each of them apart from the others.

Gator Barrels

Gator barrels provide a rich, oaky taste to your spirits. Boasting double thickness staves, upgraded rivets and blackened hoops, the deep, complex flavour this barrel gives you is unparalleled.

We carry gator barrels in a variety of sizes, however the most popular among consumers is the three litre gator barrel. This size provides you with enough room to bulk infuse your favourite spirit with the rich oakiness of the barrel without being too large.

Tens of thousands of Canadians have begun aging their own spirits in aging barrels over the last ten years.

Oak Barrels

mini oak aging barrel

Classic oak barrels can be used for spirits as well as for wines.

The purpose of a classic oak barrel is to introduce smoky oak flavours, as well as to introduce oxygen slowly into the liquid you are aging. This occurs due to the porous quality of oak wood.

The oaky flavour is especially sought out by red wine connoisseurs. The oaky flavour softens harsh tannins found in many red wines. Similar to the gator barrel, we recommend picking up our three-litre oak barrel to behind your barrel aging process without overdoing it right out the gate.

Rye Barrels

Rye barrels are excellent for distilling or infusing any maple products, whether that be maple whisky or even maple syrup itself.

The Catoctin Creek Distillery provides us with these barrels, and their rye is known for its sweetness as well as its slickness, which compliments maple favours spectacularly. These barrels have been filled once before to instill the spices and flavourings of the rye in the barrel itself so you can benefit from this barrel time and time again.

We recommend going big when it comes to the barrels, since you may not always use them for spirits or wine. If you are infusing maple syrup for example a larger barrel would be ideal. We recommend purchasing the 30 gallon rye barrel we carry to be safe! 

Bourbon Barrels

10 gallon bourbon barrel head

Bourbon barrels are especially good for use with red wines.

One of the most popular wines in all of Ontario is Wayne Gretzky’s Whisky Oak Aged Red, and that is for good reason. The smooth, balanced flavours of bourbon whisky,  and the smokiness of the barrel compliment red wines in a spectacular fashion. This results in a deep, slightly sweet red that fully coats the tongue and has a hint of spice at the finish.

The longer you age red wines the smokier they will become, so purchasing a 6.2 gallon bourbon barrel is an excellent investment. The longer your wine is in there, the better it will taste!

Urban Barrel – Barrel Aging Perfected

Here at Urban Barrel we are passionate about providing only the highest quality aging barrels to Canadians.

Our world-class products have never been more popular. Now is the perfect time to see what everybody has been talking about.

Shop now to order your very own aging barrel to infuse your spirits with bold, smoky flavours that are guaranteed to impress. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.  You won’t regret it!

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