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Step Up Your Cocktail Game in 2022 with an Oak Aging Barrel

The art of mixology and craft brewing has really taken off over the last 10 years. People are becoming increasingly creative with their cocktail creations, prompting the need for innovative tools to achieve better flavours for their desired cocktails.

Here at Urban Barrel, we’ve recognized this trend in its early stages, and provide a whole catalog of exciting products to help amateur and professional cocktail makers alike create personalized and rich new drinks! 

The Urban Barrel Oak Aging Barrels allow you to infuse a rich, smoky and sometimes nutty flavour into your favourite liquors and wines. In our Oak Aging Barrel lineup, we offer a wide variety of barrel sizes to accommodate your desired brew size, ranging from 1 Litre to 20 Litres.

Getting started with an oak aging barrel can feel like a daunting task, but it’s much easier than you would imagine. For that reason, we’ve put together a quick guide to introduce the basics of oak barrel aging to help you get started. Here’s what you need to know.

Oak Aging with Urban Barrel – What You Need To Know

As the name suggests, oak barrel aging is the process in which one patiently and attentively matures a wine, spirit or beer.

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When aging, it’s important to note that barrels provide different flavours and aromas depending on what alcohol you decide to infuse, which barrel you’re using and even what type of alcohol was last used in the barrel. From wine to beer to liquor, you can expect to achieve bold and complex flavours that’ll leave a lasting impression on your friends, family members or guests.

We will walk you through what to expect when aging a variety of spirits so you can decide how you’ll start your oak barrel aging journey.

Aging with an Oak Barrel: Ambrosial Flavours & Exceptional Aromas

Whether you use a wine, beer or liquor, aging with an oak barrel is known to transform even bottom-shelf alcohols into complex ambrosial flavours.

Through the process of aging, each barrel features a charred or toasted interior which is not only important contributor for the brew’s enhanced taste, but also acts as a filter to remove flavours that are disagreeable to the palate.

Following the proper steps for barrel aging is key to achieving a successful brew. To make sure you are getting the most of your Urban Barrel oak aged barrel, follow our simple guide!

Oak Aging Liquor

Aging liquor with an oak barrel is a very popular practice, especially for liquors like whisky and rum!

When it comes to oak aging liquor, you can expect your oak barrel to completely enhance the taste and aroma of your liquor. The final product will result in increased depth of flavour with added notes of vanilla or smoke from the wood’s vanillin and tannins.

Aging liquors like whisky can be an extremely satisfying undertaking that leaves you with a world of flavour possibilities ahead, like our Maple Irish Cream recipe that uses barrel-aged maple whisky.

Oak Aging Wine

two wine glasses with wine grapes in background

Another great aging opportunity for your oak barrel is wine. Aging with oak barrels has become extremely popular, especially for wineries such as the Wayne Gretzky Estate, which have developed signature award winning oak aged wines in the last 6 years.

If aging wine with an oak barrel is something you’re considering, we have a useful tip for you. Once you have used your oak aged barrel for whisky, age a red wine in the same barrel for a mind blowing smoky flavour with a hint of whisky in your wine!

Oak Aging Beer

two beer mugs on wooden table

Oak aging beer can be an exceptionally rewarding process, though it’s not quite as popular as oak aging wine or liquor.

Generally, the best results are achieved when you’ve aged liquors in your barrel prior to aging beer. This gives the beer beautiful notes of the whisky, rum, wine, or whichever alcohol you had aged in that barrel in the past, making for a deep, rich and complex flavour profile!

Revolutionize Your Cocktail with an Urban Barrel!

Urban Barrel has revolutionized the cocktail game for professional and amateur mixologists everywhere! 

Our oak aging barrels provide a one-of-a-kind aging process that features charring similar to those used at a distillery, but in remarkably less time due to the barrel’s refined size.

Oak barrels provide a rich, complex taste that’s sure to enhance the flavour of any cocktail, beer or liquor! 

Explore a world of endless possibilities and amazing, rich tastes with your very own oak aging barrel from Urban Barrel.

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