Smart Cap

Breakthrough in Spirit Maturing Technology

The Smart Cap is a rugged polymer cap that forms a vapour tight seal encapsulating the head of a vertically stored spirits barrel.

This sealed cap both contains spirits that would normally evaporate through the head of the barrel and maintains a high humidity environment above the head preserving the natural sealing properties of the head staves and bung. The proprietary seal locks on to the exterior of the barrel just below the head hoop. The revolutionary seal technology actually expands with exposure to ethanol ensuring a positive seal on virtually any barrel.

Environmental Sustainability

# Reduces VOC emissions by 22%*

# Extends life of barrel and reduces CO2 emissions associated with barrel disposal

#Reduces CO2 emissions associated with spirit production by 3.3% through reduction in total maturing barrel inventory with greater product yields per barrel

# Product is 100% reusable and recyclable

# Reduces energy consumption associated with barrel handling and transportation through reduction in barrels handled

Product Preservation and Quality

  #  Live testing showed an impressive 22% reduction in maturing losses*
  #  Smart Cap design enables a tight seal just below the head hoop creating a vapour tight enclosure above the head on virtually every 53-gallon (200l) barrel
  #  Cap constructed of organoleptically inert materials
  #  Testing shows no organoleptic impact on product
  #  Polymer cap protects barrel head from dust and foreign material improving GMP’s

Quality Construction

  #  Heavy duty polymer construction suitable for virtually any maturing environment including wide variations in both temperature and humidity
  #  Proprietary seal on exterior of barrel expands with exposure to alcohol forming a vapour tight seal on virtually any barrel
  #  Three different seal depths allow the Smart Cap to conform to a broad range of variations in barrel dimensions

Advanced Material Handling

  #  Scored upper surface ensures stability in handling and storage
  #  Flexible polymer resists cracking, impact damage and conforms to irregularities in barrel construction
  #  Smart Cap designed to facilitate automation on barrel drain and fill lines
  #  Bung hole access closure designed for easy manual or mechanical removal and replacement
  #  Facilitates tagging for RFID or manual identification

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