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Bourbon Barrel 5 Gallon

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For a traditionally distilled flavour that is exceptionally smooth.

A 5-gallon Bourbon Barrel is a prime cask for aging beer, wine, cider and liquor.

These are one-fill barrels that were previously used by distilleries in Virginia, the “birthplace of American spirits.” Each one has a bourbon-soaked, white oak interior that is ideal for imparting caramel, oak and vanilla notes to your drink of choice.

All our authentic bourbon barrels have undergone a rigorous inspection process to ensure the highest quality.

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Nose: Honey and crème brulee, rye spice and yeast,some orange peel/citrus tones
Palate: Sweet notes of dark chocolate, anise, spicy with pepper
Finish: Resolves into a dry finish leaving cola and molasses on the tongue, classic rye shortstop

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