Two Barrel-Aged Manhattan Cocktails

Barrel-Aged Manhattan

Aging Time
4 Weeks

The Manhatten originated in the 1870’a, and it was the drink that originated the very popular Manhatten Club. Small-batch barrel aging is the game changer for this classic cocktail, and once you’ve had one, you’ll never go back to a regular Manhattan again. Get started now and warm up next to the fireplace and enjoy the classic drink from the top-rated series ”Mad Men.


  • 740 ml Woodford Reserve
  • 200 ml Dolin Sweet Vermouth
  • 60 ml Averna Amaro

Barreling Instructions

  1. Add bourbon, rye and Averna Amaro to your 1L barrel.
  2. Age for 4 weeks

Cocktail Instructions

  1. Add 2.5 – 3 shots to a glass full of ice, stir.
  2. Strain into a chilled glass.
  3. Garnish with cherries and orange zest.

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