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Barrel Aged 7 Year Itch

Barrel Aged 7 Year Itch

As soon as I arrived at my friend’s house, I knew something was off. He looked tired, stressed, and anxious. I asked him what was going on, and he opened up to me about his seven-year marriage woes. He told me that he and his wife had been arguing a lot lately, and he didn’t know what to do to fix things. 

As we sat on the couch, sipping on some generic whiskey, I had an idea. I remembered a cocktail recipe that I had been working on for a while, and I thought it might be just the thing to help my friend relax and forget about his problems for a while. 

I went back to my apartment and grabbed the barrel that I had been using to age my cocktail. It was a mixture of rum, bitters, and a few secret ingredients that I had discovered in my travels. I had been aging it for just over 80 days, and I knew it was ready to be tasted. 

I brought the barrel back to my friend’s house, and we poured ourselves a glass. As soon as we tasted it, we knew we had something special. The flavors were deep and complex, with a hint of spice and a smooth finish. 

We sat there, sipping on our cocktails and talking about life, love, and everything in between. As the night wore on, I could see my friend starting to relax and unwind. He even laughed a few times, something I hadn’t seen in a while. 

From that night on, the 7 Year Itch cocktail became our go-to drink whenever we needed to unwind and forget about our problems for a while. It became a symbol of friendship and brotherhood, a reminder that no matter how tough things get, we always have each other. 

Barrel Aged 7 Year Itch

This cocktail recipe is unique in that it is a phase cocktail, meaning it is essentially two cocktails in one. The Barrel Aged 7 Year Itch can be enjoyed as a sipping cocktail over ice or infused with Chinese five spice for a spiced rum variation. Additionally, it can be mixed with ginger ale for a Dark and Stormy twist. The versatility of this cocktail makes it a perfect choice for any occasion. 

Aging Time

4-6 Weeks


  1. Gather ingredients: 330 ml dark rum, 330 ml red vermouth, 330 ml Aperol, and Chinese five spice.
  2. Pour equal parts of dark rum, red vermouth, and Aperol into a one litre barrel.
  3. Age the cocktail in the barrel for 4 to 6 weeks.
  4. 4. Once the cocktail has been aged to perfection, empty the contents back into the bottle.
  5. For a spiced rum variation, add 2 tsp of Chinese five spice to the aged rum.
  6. Infuse the rum for 1 to 6 hours, depending on desired strength.
  7. Strain the infused rum through a coffee filter or cheese cloth into a clean bottle.
  8. To serve, pour 2.5 ounces of spiced rum over ice and sip it neat.
  9. For a Dark and Stormy twist, top off the spiced rum with ginger ale and garnish with a lime. Enjoy!