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Mixology 101: Tips & Techniques for Beginners

The practice of Mixology dates back hundreds of years. With modern advancements in mixology, it has truly become an art.

There has been a significant spike in mixology’s popularity over the last couple of decades, which has resulted in a renewed interest in this art.

Nowadays, thousands of new mixologists are striving to perfect their craft, either for professional reasons or even just as a hobby. So how do you get started practising mixology, and what tips do we have for aspiring mixologists? We are so glad you asked.

Mixology Tips & Tricks

Here at Urban Barrel, we are well known for supplying top-of-the-line aging barrels, barware, and accessories. As experienced enthusiasts, we also love providing advice for people new to the craft.

We have helped so many aspiring mixologists find their footing. Here’s our guide on tips and tricks to help you improve your mixology skills.

a person interested in mixology pouring liquor into a glass

Follow The Newest Trends

A major part of being a successful mixologist is keeping your finger on the pulse of the newest trends in drink making. Taking the time to do your research on drink trends will allow you to get creative, and put your unique spin on these ideas.

One of the key pillars of a good mixologist is being able to adapt your recipes to appeal to the current trends in the market. Whether you are a professional bartender, or simply want to host a great cocktail party, this skill will take you a long way.

Learn the Mixologists Vocabulary

One of the first things you should do before crafting your first cocktail is familiarize yourself with the vocabulary most commonly used in drink mixing. There are industry terms not used outside of drink making. These terms are typically used to describe the unique qualities of the requested drink. The following three terms are quite commonly used in drink making, and will be a great start to expanding your vocabulary:

  • Neat – Nothing added to the drink, served at room temperature
  • Rocks – To serve a drink over ice
  • Up – to chill a cocktail and then strain it into a glass with no ice

Practise Proper Balance

One of the most important parts of creating a quality cocktail is finding the perfect balance of ingredients and alcohol to make a well-blended beverage. Adding too much alcohol to a beverage is one of the most common mistakes new mixologists make. In doing this, they take away from the overall enjoyment of the cocktail since it is too strong, thus less enjoyable to drink.

Before serving a beverage to someone, take a clean straw and grab a sample of the beverage from the bottom of the glass. When you taste it, you should be able to gauge whether the drink is properly balanced or not. This will help you improve your ability to balance ingredients to create the optimal cocktail experience.

Practise Pairing Ingredients

Practising pairing ingredients for beverages is a skill that will come with time. Through trial and error, you will discover delicious flavour combinations you had previously never thought of. To achieve this, however, you cannot be afraid to experiment.

Take time out of your day to seek out new flavour combinations you haven’t tried before, and over time you will put together your roster of go-to flavour combinations that are guaranteed to blow people away.

Urban Barrel – Your Mixology Experts!

Urban Barrel has been at the forefront of the mixology field for many years. We are committed to providing world-class advice, as well as the best tools on the market for mixologists through our online store.

We also offer a 90-minute cocktail class! After our class, you’ll be equipped with the skills to age and mix your own liquor drinks. Contact us today to get started.

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