Know All About Handmade Oak Whiskey Barrel

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Know All About Handmade Oak Whiskey Barrel

When whiskey ages resting in oak barrels, its flavor becomes intense and more exciting for whiskey lovers. The construction of the oak whiskey barrel is a significant factor in the whiskey’s taste and enhancement. Well, oak barrels and the alcohol industry have shared an intimate bond for a long time. In early alcohol history, the amphora was the cask of choice for someone looking to store and cart whiskey and wine. The use of oak has been across-the-board in winemaking for at least the previous 2,000 years. Today, many sellers are trading handmade whiskey oak barrels, and people are falling in love with the taste of whiskey and wine stored in such barrels.

How Do Handmade Oak Barrels Are Made and Add Flavors?

As the name suggests, handmade oak barrels are crafted by humans, made up of staves, big pieces of oak wood that the artisans fit tightly together with the metal loops. There is no interference from machines, and that’s why handmade oak barrels are expensive since these barrels are made up of more effort, hard work, and time. The artisans then toast them over a fire to obtain a light, medium, or dark toast level.

These levels decide the flavors of your wine and whiskey. Oak whiskey barrel with a light toast level gives your soft notes of vanilla and caramel flavor, while the dark toast levels will make you enjoy the smoky and roasted aromas. Oak barrels lose their signature essence that gets blended with the alcohol, and so you get the flavors.

What Factors To Consider While Selecting An Oak Barrel?

An Oak barrel is gaining popularity day by day. Instead of buying wine and whiskey, people prefer handmade oak casks for making different drinks with their desired intense flavors. Therefore, there are many factors when choosing handcrafted barrels. You must select the one that satisfies your desires. Let’s discuss the aspects:

  • Consider The Price: Since you are buying a handmade oak whiskey barrel, they must be expensive. Review several different handmade barrel sellers and then decide on the one that satisfies your needs regarding size, flavors, and budget for sure.
  • Consider Your Needs: If you’re planning to buy a barrel for any house party, wedding party, cocktail event, or a small get-together, consider the size of the barrel and what kind of flavors they offer. Handmade oak barrels come in different sizes and flavors. You can choose the most suitable one depending on your needs and demands.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Handmade Oak Barrels?

Here are some of the perks of buying Handmade Oak Barrels:

  1. Adds Complexity To Your Drinks: The alcohol, when stored in an oak barrel, passes through multiple chemical processes. It results in a more steady and durable wine with a more complex, full-bodied, concentrated, and intense feel. The color of the drink also becomes prominent with a strong aroma. The real reason behind the authentic taste of alcohol is the handcrafted casks that carry hundreds of substances to add to the drink.
  1. Protects Your Drinks From Light Damage: As you store your drinks in the handcrafted oak whiskey barrel, sustaining light damage can be an obstacle to destabilizing the flavor compounds of your drinks. The taste of your wine or whiskey is impacted, and its calories too. Handmade oak barrels protect your alcohol from the sun’s heat as you have the choice to keep your barrels where the sun cannot damage your drinks aging. Machine manufacturing may not focus on such conditions as they made barrels and stored alcohol in bulk.


  1. Enough Oxidation To Your Alcohol’s Aging: You can add the degree of oxidation by racking the alcohol from one handcrafted barrel to another. It will help your drink in getting a more mature taste. The handcrafted oak barrel permits for gradually controlled oxygenation of the alcohol. It will help you work with the oxygen to refine and civilize the alcohol’s structure. This oxygenation passes through the surface of your handmade cask.

Shop Your Desired Handmade Oak Whiskey Barrel Now!

So, here you are with a good knowledge of handmade oak casks. Now get your desired handcrafted oak barrels for sale from Urban Barrel today! We deal with handmade premium oak barrels mainly designed and crafted for aging cocktails and spirits. Reach out to us now and pick your desired barrels to ace the taste of your drinks.

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