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How Do Oak Barrels Enhance The Taste Of Wine?

If you are a wine lover, you may know that the barrels are an integral part of modern winemaking. It is the foremost drink that continues to change after bottling. Like 20 or even 50 years old, wine can surprise you. Before there were glass bottles, wines were stirred in barrels. Storing wine in oak barrels can significantly enhance the colour, add distinctive qualities and soften the flavour. Almost all red wine is kept in oak barrels to enhance its flavour. Many white wines also spend a period in oak barrels before being bottled. We have many types of barrels like gator barrels and others if you want to DIY.

Different Types of Oak for Winemaking

As for the wood used for winemaking, oak is the most common wood that provides a softer flavour. The two best-known species are European white oak and American white oak. The significant difference between these two oak species is in their density. European oak tends to be denser (more spaced rings), which imparts fewer lactones and oak oxygen than American oak.

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Do The Barrels Add Flavour To All Drinks?

Wine does not allow any additional flavour like (orange peel, coriander, etc.). However, oak made it possible to add a potential flavour to the wine. When stored in the barrel made of oak, it combines with the taste of wines and makes new flavours. Oak barrel flavour compounds are diverse. They can range upto anything like dried fruits, coconut, or vanilla. In addition, the wood adds tannins, making it bitter and increasing astringency. The size is also crucial in changing the taste. The bigger the barrel, the fewer oak lactones and oxygen are imparted to the wine. 

Apart from oak, other barrels also impart flavour. If you like a smoky flavour, you can try gator barrels (not for wine). It adds a rich, oaky taste to your spirits. Boasting double-thickness staves, blackened hoops, upgraded rivets, and the complex flavour that the wooden barrel gives you is remarkable.
We carry many barrels like gator barrels in a variety of sizes. Make sure the size provides sufficient room to bulk infuse your favourite spirit with the intense barrel flavour without being too large. It adds flavour to the drinks, making them more affluent and sophisticated. Try ageing a drink yourself by buying a barrel from Urban Barrel.


Shop From Urban Barrels To Enjoy Aged Drinks!

At home-ageing is becoming popular, and now you can enjoy the taste of aged drinks from the comfort of your home. We are here to make this taste accessible to all with our range of barrels. You can also shop for items like a charcuterie board, a great conversation piece to entertain guests. Choosing the right barrel that fits your personal needs is overwhelming. Make your wine tastier with our quality barrels. Contact Urban Barrel today!

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