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How to Cure, Store and Maintain Your Oak Barrel

Curing your barrel is the most important part of barrel aging. An oak barrel needs to be cured before it can be used for aging. Curing can take up to a week but your success depends on it, so don’t skip this step!

It’s a simple process that involves soaking the wood and allowing it to expand. You’ll get a watertight seal since the swelling eliminates small gaps in the wood and gives the hoops a tighter grip. More importantly, it will help you identify any leaks—especially if your barrel is new.

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How To Barrel Age Your Spirits

Aging spirits is a science, but creating something that tastes just the way you like it? That’s art.

It’s easy to barrel-age your favourite wine, beer, liquor or even cocktail mix. Read more about how to barrel age your spirit here.

How To Barrel Age Kombucha

Tea. Sugar. Water. Time. Those are the ingredients you need to make the fermented tea drink that packs a big probiotic punch.

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