Engraving & Quality

Engraving is done using a laser machine but the actual engraving look and feel may vary from barrel to barrel because of changes in the oak wood surface between barrels. Some engravings may appear darker or lighter even if the same laser settings were used.

Engraving size

The area available to engrave is determined by the size of the barrel and by the space needed by the spigot. The engraving is done in the area above the spigot as to avoid the engraving being covered by the spigot.

Please note that engraving will be sized to fit the barrel size and the smaller the barrel the harder it will be to see detailed logos or long phrases.

Proof of engraving

We will only send proof of engraving before shipping if requested by the customer at the time of ordering or if we have concerns about the artwork provided for engraving. On all other cases no proof will be emailed.

File types for engraving

While we accept most file types (PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF) for engraving, the best artwork to use is a vector graphic. See below for examples of great designs.

Engraving Examples

Take a look at some examples of logos and how they appear engraved on an oak barrel.