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Everything You’ll Need To Host A Great Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are a tried and true way of bringing people together to have a night of fun, good food, and specialty cocktails!

Urban Barrel has helped hundreds of people host beautiful cocktail parties in the comfort of their own homes. We’ve assembled this simple, easy-to-read guide for the top essentials you will need to host a great cocktail party.

Everything You Need For The Perfect Cocktail Party

Hosting a cocktail party is no small task. From the cocktails to the food, to tailoring the party to suit everybody’s needs. There is a lot to think about to make sure it runs smoothly!

Here are a few of our tips to get you started:

A Signature Cocktail

A detail that is often overlooked in party planning is selecting a specialty cocktail to represent the evening. Simply add your twist to a cosmopolitan or if you’re feeling creative, invent a unique concoction!

charcuterie board at a cocktail party

Give your guests a cocktail that engages their sense of taste and smell, as well as a feast for the eyes. We recommend purchasing our small metal torch to create smoky cocktail creations that are sure to impress.

Well-Prepared Charcuterie Board

No cocktail party is complete without a spread of delicious food. Charcuterie boards are one of the most popular options for social gatherings since they’re easy to assemble and eat!

There is an art to creating a charcuterie board. Making sure it looks aesthetically pleasing is important and having the perfect serving platter is crucial to the overall style. Here at Urban Barrel, we offer a beautiful epoxy river walnut charcuterie board, sure to pop. Order one today for your next cocktail party!

Offer Non-Alcoholic Drink Options

For moral, health, or personal reasons, some people choose not to drink alcohol. Making them feel included in a cocktail party is easy for you to do and will make a lasting impression.

Make sure you have non-alcoholic cocktail options for those who are driving or simply don’t want to partake. Urban Barrel sells Berzerk Coffee Concentrates, which are a quick and easy way to create delicious iced lattes or coffees.

a host making cocktails for her guests during a cocktail party

Familiarize Yourself With How To Make Various Cocktails

If you want to be the host with the most, make sure you are prepared to bring your A-Game.

Take some time to learn how to make the most common cocktails, so you can impress your guests with your hosting capabilities.

To make different cocktails, having the essence of various alcohols such as limoncello and coconut rum will take your drinks to the next level. Browse or selection of flavour essences and brainstorm which cocktails you want to create for your party of eager guests!

Urban Barrel – Your Go-To Cocktail Party Connoisseurs

Our team at Urban Barrel takes pride in having helped dozens of happy customers create the perfect atmosphere for a classy cocktail party.

Our line of high-end products helps create a high-class ambience and will be sure to tie your event together. With our products on hand, we guarantee your friends will enjoy themselves to the fullest!

Contact us today with any questions, or feel free to shop our products online. Urban Barrel has you covered for the perfect cocktail party!

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