Everything You Need To Know About Barrel-Aged Cocktails

Everything You Need To Know About Barrel-Aged Cocktails

If you want to enjoy a sip of a soulful drink, you need patience. As we know, barrel-aged cocktails are an emerging trend nowadays. You can’t put any cocktail in a barrel and expect good results. You need the appropriate knowledge for a rich taste and an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s a barrel-aged margarita or any other cocktail, you always need to know the proper step. The quality of the barrel also plays a crucial role in determining the taste of any cocktail. If you want to know everything about barrel aging, this guide will significantly help you.

What Are Barrel-Aged Cocktails?

You can change a drink’s flavor using wood and let it be in it for some time. It does not take much time when you usually prepare a cocktail. It will help if you put them together. However, in barrel-aging, you extend the process from a few minutes to upto months. Instead of pouring your cocktail in a glass, you pour it into a wooden barrel, close the lid and then wait for a month or even a year. So, if you want to enjoy a flavored barrel-aged margarita, you can shop a barrel from Urban Barrel Company and get started.

How Did We Start Using Barrels?

The idea of aging cocktails originated in the late 19th century when bartenders used to fill their pre-mixed drinks in bottles and then sell them later. In 1910, an American company produced an advertisement about pre-mixed and wood-aged cocktails. It gained no popularity and got neglected by many people. In 2002 and 2004, some people also gave the idea of barrel aging, but it was not a huge success. Finally, in 2009, a bartender proposed the concept of aged drinks, which worked beautifully for him.

What Happens In The Ageing Process?

The process responsible for the barrel-aged margarita or any other cocktail is simple and involves three steps.

  1. Extraction: In this process, alcohol extracts the color and flavor by acting as a solvent. You can select any barrel of your choice by visiting our online store. We have different kinds of barrels and used whiskey barrels for sale in Ontario.
  1. Subtraction or Infusion: This means the chemical reactions of the alcohol and the material of the barrel. Before aging, the cocktail inside will gradually pass through the coal and start the infusion process. It will make its contents smoother, like a natural filler.
  1. Oxidation: Barrels are porous, and the cocktail inside will gradually react to the materials outside, like air. This is oxidation and produces new aromas, changes the flavor, and helps to achieve the beautiful taste you know.

Make Your Barrel- Margarita At Home

Yes, you heard it right. You can make your barred-aged cocktail at home with our quality barrels online. Visit Urban Barrel Company’s store, and you will discover many options according to your needs and requirements. Contact us, and don’t forget to use the urban barrel company promo code.

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