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Wooden Barrels for Sale

wooden barrels for sale

Your Trusted Source for Wooden Barrels The Urban Barrel Company, proudly positioned as Canada’s official distributor, is more than just a provider of wooden barrels; it’s a testament to the age-old tradition of spirit aging. With an extensive selection ranging from the authentic oak barrel for sale to the classic whiskey barrel for sale, our […]

Quality Oak Barrels For Sale – Urban Barrel Company

Oak Barrels For Sale

The Timeless Legacy of Oak Barrels Oak barrels have long been the cornerstone of the beverage industry, especially when it comes to the aging of wines and spirits. This age-old tradition of using oak wood for storage and maturation dates back centuries, revealing a history rich in craftsmanship and flavor. Oak Wood: The Gold Standard […]

How to Master Barrel-Aged Cocktails: Dive Deep into the Art of Flavor Fusion

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Barrel-aging cocktails is more than just a trend; it represents a deep dive into the artistry and science of mixology. This practice has been embraced by many, and the Urban Barrel Company stands out with its exceptional methodology and products. As we embark on this journey of understanding the intricacies of barrel-aged cocktails, we’ll shed […]

#1 The Best American Oak Barrels-Art of Barrel-Aged Cocktails


Did you know that American Oak Barrels unlock the hidden potential in your cocktails? Imagine sipping on a perfectly aged, artisanal cocktail, with flavors that dance on your palate and linger long after each sip. It’s time to master the art of barrel-aged cocktails with American Oak Barrels. At Urban Barrel Company, we understand the […]

Which Wines are Aged in Oak Barrels? Wines List


Overview of the significance of oak aging in winemaking. In the rich tapestry of winemaking, oak barrels stand out as a cornerstone of tradition and quality improvement. With their distinct ability to enhance wine character, they have been pivotal in shaping the wine industry’s evolution.   As a fundamental part of viniculture, the use of […]

How Oak Barrels Are Made – Comprehensive Guide

wooden barrels for sale

Oak’s Influence on the World of Wines and Spirits Oak has long been the favored wood when it comes to aging wines and spirits. The intrinsic qualities of this noble wood have shaped flavors, aromas, and the very essence of many beverages we cherish today.   Whiskey, wine, bourbon, and even some beers owe their […]

How To Clean an Oak Barrel – Expert Advice

How to Clean Oak Barrel

The Importance of Oak in Winemaking For centuries, oak barrels have played a pivotal role in the winemaking process. Winemakers across the globe treasure the unique properties that oaks bestow upon their prized vintages. From the earliest days of viticulture, oaks have been handpicked for their ability to impart distinct flavors and aromas that can […]

TSN’s Andy McNamara Loves Our Barrels

Andy McNamara from TSN 4 Downs talks about his love for Urban Barrel’s craft barrels on his show. Take a listen below! Follow the show on twitter @TSN4Downs and @AndyMc81. Andy also hosts a Twitch TV sports show “Fantasy Breakfast” today.