Flavour Guide

Rum, Whisky & Tequila

Looking to try barrel aging rum, whiskey and tequila? This guide will take you through the steps involved for your barrel journey.

Prep and cure our oak barrel

An oak barrel needs to be cured before it can be used for aging. Curing can take up to a week but your success depends on it, so don’t skip this step! Follow the curing instructions here. You should also review the instructions for aging spirits in an oak barrel.
Photo of our gator barrel


Flavor Your Barrel

Kick of your first batch with a white or dark rum. After 3 or 4 weeks you’ve flavoured your barrel with beautiful sugar cane or molasses notes that will come through in your next batch.
image of three barrels stamped with the word Rum


A Silky, Smooth, Second Batch

Once, you’ve completed your first rum batch you can move onto whiskey. But we prefer to make a second rum batch. This makes our rum silky smooth and leaves lots of flavour in your barrel to impart into your whiskey batch. We do this second batch for 60 days.
Photo of a bottle and glass of rum


Flavour Memory for Whiskey

The rum batches have created a flavor memory in your barrel. It’s stained with rum notes and a sugarcane finish that is going to come through in the next batch. Now we’re moving onto aging whiskey. Age it according to taste. We start tasting after three weeks and every week afterwards until we’ve developed our desired taste.
Photo of three glasses of whiskey and an oak barrel


Tequila Time

From here you can do a second or third batch of whiskey. Or, you can move on to Tequila! Start tasting your tequila after 6 weeks and every week thereafter until you get to your desired flavor.
Photo of a shot of tequila and an oak barrel