Flavour Guide

Barrel-Aging Signature Cocktails Guide

Now that you’ve spent a year perfecting the classic cocktails, it’s time to up your game by mastering signature cocktails.

Vodka + Limoncello Essence (4 weeks)

Alcohol essences are used in a neutral spirit like vodka or moonshine. Here we are starting our flavour profile with Limoncello, check out our Limoncello recipe here. What we’re doing is instilling the intense lemon notes in our barrel that will come through later in our Mandarin Negroni.
image of 3 limoncello shots


Mandarin Negroni (4 Weeks)

While taking advantage of the lemon flavours from our previous batch, we are aiming to make a more spicy and citrusy Negroni. We start by infusing Mandarin tea into the gin we will use alongside Dolin Sweet Vermouth and Campari. You can see our Mandarin Negroni recipe here.
image of a Mandarin Negroni


Berzerk Coffee (3-4 weeks)

Here is a special treat, by using our 5:1 coffee concentrate, you’ll be able to age your cold brew coffees this summer while also imparting delicious, robust coffee flavour into your wood. Grab our Berzerk Coffee Concentrate here. Once you’ve completed aging your coffee concentrate, enjoy it as an alcoholic or non-alcoholic specialty coffee, or as a refreshing cold brew.

Add 1L Berzerk Coffee Concentrate into your barrel and allow to age for 3-4 weeks.

Berzerk Coffee Concentrate


Coconut and Banana Essence (2 weeks)

We’re building off the coffee flavours we’ve stored in our barrel and adding the sweet notes of coconut and banana. These flavours will stand out in the finish of our next cocktail.

When doing a seasoning cure, we want to add 1 cup of water for every 20 ml of essence. To complete our Coconut and Banana Essence cure, add one 20 ml bottle of coconut essence and one 20ml bottle of banana essence to your 1L oak barrel along with 2 cups of water. Allow your barrel to cure for 2 weeks, rotating once a week.

image of coconuts and coconut essence


Boulevardier (6 weeks)

The Boulevardier is similar to a Negroni, sharing two of the three ingredients from the Negroni with the only difference being bourbon. You can find our barrel-aged Boulevardier recipe here. This drink was created by a well known writer, Erskine Gwynne. Our previous cure of the coconut and banana essences will soften up the grapefruit notes from the Campari with a slight coffee finish on your palate.
Image of two Boulevardier cocktails


Nada Negroni (7 weeks)

This is a riff off the classic Boulevardier. Instead of bourbon, we are replacing it with tequila and keeping the usual suspects; Campari and sweet vermouth.

Because we’ve seasoned our barrel with coconut and banana essence, along with the coffee concentrate these flavours will come through in our Negroni like you’ve never tasted before. You can follow along with one our many Negroni recipes here.

Image of our Nada Negroni


Barrel-Aged Luau (8 weeks)

The basic premise behind tiki cocktails is that they are high in booze but balanced out by fruits and spices. Tiki cocktails can be daunting for some because there are so many ingredients.

Banana and coconut will come through in the spiced rum and the added mandarin vodka will balance out the flavour profile. Take a look at our Barrel-Aged Luau Recipe here.

Image of a luau cocktail


7 Year Itch (8 weeks)

This is a homemade spice infused cocktail with Bacardi Black, Aperol and Sweet Vermouth. This cocktail is a standalone favourite that can be sipped neat or on the rocks. With the combination of our handcrafted spice blend you’ll have the perfect phase cocktail.

What’s a phase cocktail?! A phase cocktail is a two dimensional cocktail you start by sipping as is and enjoying all the notes that have come through from each step of the barrel-aging process. Once you’ve appreciated those flavours and are ready to move onto your next cocktail, just add ginger ale and now you have the perfect riff off a Dark & Stormy.

Image of a barrel-aged 7 year itch