Scotch Barrel Guide

Ask yourself what do the distillers do? The cask contributes oak extractives and color, and its char layer helps to change the characteristics of the new make American spirit. When new-make single malt is filled into a once-used barrel, the oak extractives are diminished by the bourbon it previously held. With that being said, ask yourself what you want in a scotch - do you want a buttery and creamy scotch like a Dalwhinnie 18-year-old, or would you like a beautifully finished Macallan sherry cask oak whisky?

Whatever you choose to do please do not put an already beautiful hand crafted scotch into a virgin oak barrel and consider the greedy angels above. Our smaller line of barrels are used for immediate and quick flavour over the course of 4 to 7 weeks.

Barrel-Aged Scotch Guide #1

Please make sure you've prepped and cured your oak barrel before proceeding.

Double Bourbon Essence (2 weeks)

Here we apply a season cured of bourbon to our barrel.  We want the bourbon flavours to come through and balance out the flavour in Bowmore once we add it.


Bowmore 12-year-old (5 weeks)

Bowmore is known for its smoke & caramel. Having already seasoned our barrel with the bourbon essence we now want to bring out the natural flavours in the Bowmore while adding a more robust character with strong vanillas and caramels.


Port Essence (2 weeks)

We are adding another seasoning cure because we want to play on the flavour memory of the American oak while bringing out those sweeter grape tones, peppery finish and balance out the tannins that will come through in our Monkey Shoulder. Shop for Port essence.


Monkey Shoulder (6 weeks)

Monkey Shoulder was given its name because while shoveling peat moss the workers would develop a hump on their shoulder. Monkey Shoulder is definitely the most bang for your buck scotch on the market today. After 6 weeks you’ll notice that your scotch has taken on the well balanced flavours from our seasoning cures.


Taylor Fladgates (8 weeks)

Here we’ve chosen Taylor Fladgates because we want to add more character to the port. Since we’ve previously aged two beautiful scotches in our barrel those flavours are going through in our Taylor Fladgates.


Glenmorangie (8-9 weeks)

Glenmorangie is known for its spice and fruity well balanced flavours. This is a nice way to finish your barrel off now that you’ve imparted a wide variety of delicious flavours.