Flavour Guide

Barrel-Aging Classic Cocktails

This guide will help you create the perfect classic cocktails with a unique twist from the barrel.

Manhattan (4 weeks)

You can find our Barrel-Aged Manhattan recipe here. Bourbon or rye and sweet vermouth will flavour your barrel nicely. We want those corn and rye flavours to mellow the oak flavour.


Maple Old Fashioned (5 weeks)

Find our Barrel-Aged Maple Old Fashioned recipe here. Now that we’ve done 4 weeks of our Manhattan we are adding maple syrup and bourbon. We’re using maple syrup instead of a sugar cube because we want the sweet vermouth from our Manhattan to come through in our maple old fashioned.
image of a old fashioned cocktail


Paper Plane (6 weeks)

Now that your barrel has the flavours of sweet vermouth and maple. The Paper Plane is one of my favourite cocktails because I’m a big fan of Averna Amaro, Aperol and rye. You’ll be able to build a beautiful handcrafted cocktail or sip it neat.
Photo of a Paper Plane Cocktail


Sazerac (7 weeks)

This Sazerac is a must in every underground bartenders repertoire. All the previous flavours instilled in your barrel work together to balance the Campari and add more character to your Sazerac.
Sazerac cocktail


Negroni (8 weeks)

Equal parts of Campari, sweet vermouth and gin make up Italy’s national cocktail. has been a crowd pleaser in North America for going on 20 years and is a standard in any bartender’s arsenal.
Negroni cocktails


Corpse Reviver (8 weeks)

This light evanescence cocktail is great on its one without a barrel but now that we’ve built flavour memory in our oak barrel we are taking the Corpse Reviver to a new level. Flavours of our maple, sweet vermouth and Aperol and Campari will add sophistication.
Corpse Reviver Cocktail