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A Great Gift For Whiskey Lovers

Image of 3 different sizes of oak barrelsAre you looking for the perfect gift for whiskey lovers, this is it. At the Urban Barrel Company we pride ourselves on handmade Virgin White Oak Barrels to help you control the aging of the spirit. And our laser engraved personalization makes it even more special. An amazing present for , holidays, birthdays and all special occasions.

Now You Can Create Your Very Own Barrel Aged Spirit!
Image of 3 oak barrelsUrban Barrel will quickly dispel the myth that aging spirits should only be left to professionals. YOU can take an existing spirit and make it completely your own creation. The Urban Barrels are specially designed and charred range in size from 1 liter to 5 Litres provide more oak area to the liquor, allowing the spirit to age significantly faster than then a larger distillery barrel. The char will cancel out and sharpness or impurities.

This process allows you to control the aging as the barrel infuses the spirit with the beautiful oak flavour that is unique to your taste, and unlike anything that can be bought on the market. Once you’ve achieved your desired taste empty your Urban Barrel out and start the fun all over again.

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