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5 Reasons To Give Dad A Barrel This Father’s Day

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be tough, especially if Dad is the type to say he doesn’t want or need anything.
You want something that speaks to Dad’s interests, something he’ll appreciate (and actually use). It should reflect who he is and be as unique as his personality, whether he’s the kind of Dad who prefers to dish out good advice, good food or good laughs.
So put down that “Best Dad Ever” mug and skip the after-shave (and no, he definitely does NOT need another tie)—this Father’s Day, give a Dad-friendly gift that makes him a cocktail craftsman.
Here are five reasons why an Urban Barrel is a great way of making Dad feel special while showing him how much he means to you:

  1. It’s a gift that says “You have good taste.” Why settle for the same bottle or mix that everyone else is drinking? An aging barrel gives your dapper Dad the freedom to create the kind of drink he’s always wanted, with flavours he actually prefers. This is the tool he needs to craft a smooth signature drink that will make him the talk of your next family gathering.
  2. Because Dad deserves a better drink. From report cards to repair bills, let’s face it—we’ve given dads plenty of reasons to drink. If Dad is the kind of guy to quietly indulge in a dram after a hard week, an aging barrel allows him to upgrade his usual drink and savour some of the finer things in life.
  3. It’s a possible new hobby. You can use an oak barrel to age spirits and cocktails (check out some of our recipes) or even bring your hot sauce game to a whole new level. If your Dad is a do-it-yourself kind of guy, an Urban Barrel encourages him to have fun and play with his drink/food. From getting the right amount of oak to combining different flavours, a little experimentation goes into every batch. It’s a process that Dad will likely want to share with you every step of the way (and that leads to some sampling, so everybody wins).
  4. It’s a better value than a single expensive bottle. An expensive bottle of single malt or blended whisky is unforgettable… but the fun ends when that bottle is empty. With an aging barrel, Dad can have another batch on the go. Each barrel—including our premium gator barrels, kombucha and oak aging barrels—can be re-used multiple times to transform bottom-shelf bottles into fast-aged spirits that are big on mature flavours and aromas.
  5. It’s a more personal gift. A barrel makes a great addition to any home bar, man cave or personal sanctuary. But a personalized barrel makes it that more unique and sentimental. For an additional cost, you can customize each craft barrel by adding an engraved design that’s just for Dad.

So here’s to all the Dads and father figures. May your glass be ever full.

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